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Re: Undocumented source files

Paul Koning wrote:

I don't much care for the info program, but I use the info file reader
in Emacs every single day.  I would hate to see it replaced by HTML,
which is slower and unuseable without a mouse.  HTML looks flashy, but
so what?
First, to reduce redundancy.  We "have" to generate html files anyway
(for web pages), and they contain all the information in the info
files, and if you use xhtml rather than html it is easier to parse
than info anyway (assuming you have an xml parser), so it seems silly
to generate both formats.

Secondly, you're confusing the file format with the viewer.  There
are html readers such as lynx or links that do not require a mouse
and work fine on plain terminals (including emacs terminal mode).
There is even a html browser mode for emacs!  What might be nice
is an html browsing minor mode that uses info mode keybindings.

Speed may be an issue, but it shouldn't be with a reasonably-written
browser, even using emacs lisp.  (On the other hand, loading Java
files using JDE mode is a real dog with the latest XEmacs, so there
are clearly lots of ways to lose with Emacs ...)
	--Per Bothner

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