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[patch] Relax the condition for an insn pattern.


Attached is a patch to relax the condition for an insn pattern.

There is no problem even if operands[0] and operands[2] refer to the
same register, so the patch removes the condition.

Tested on h8300 port.  Committed.

Kazu Hirata

2002-11-25  Kazu Hirata  <>

	* config/h8300/ (an anonymous pattern): Relax the
	condition for the pattern.

RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/config/h8300/,v
retrieving revision 1.108
diff -u -r1.108
---	20 Nov 2002 04:54:39 -0000	1.108
+++	25 Nov 2002 20:30:18 -0000
@@ -2234,10 +2234,7 @@
 	(ior:SI (zero_extend:SI (match_operand:HI 1 "register_operand" "0"))
 		(ashift:SI (match_operand:SI 2 "register_operand" "r")
 			   (const_int 16))))]
-  "(TARGET_H8300H || TARGET_H8300S)
-   && REG_P (operands[0])
-   && REG_P (operands[2])
-   && (REGNO (operands[0]) != REGNO (operands[2]))"
+  "TARGET_H8300H || TARGET_H8300S"
   [(set_attr "cc" "clobber")
    (set_attr "length" "2")])

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