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Re: gcc-3.2 DESTDIRified

Hello there,

On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

> >The DESTDIRifying patch may meanwhile have become unusable. Please
> >understand that I won't do that again without some encouragement from
> >your side.  So what about dropping a remark here, occasionally?
> If it's become unusable it's probably because of my massive changes to
> the top level build system; give me a pointer to your patch and I'll see
> what needs to be done to adapt it.

See the October thread starting with

Which branch contains your changes?  Is it the
`gcc-3_4-basic-improvements-branch'?  I am going to start there.

> >Should you instead plan to bring more parts of the build system under
> >control of automake, please let me know too.  I'd be interested in any
> >project that aims at improving the Makefile suite.
> That project would be me. :-)  I'm not planning on putting anything else
> under the control of automake; I have serious practical and
> philosophical differences with it over the way it misuses
> 'make'.  My Makefile rewrites may eventually lead to me writing a
> replacement or substitute for automake, however!

Well, this way or the other, the new system should allow many cooks to
operate and limit the consequences of individual errors, e.g. by means
of a documented interface allowing access to a comfortable set of
features.  Automake is quite good at that, though its style and
implementation are worth discussing.  Anyway, you are attacking the
problems, so we are on the right way :-)


Christian Cornelssen

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