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Re: New test cases - "VMX" (Altivec) ABI and API

Jim Wilson <> writes:

>>This patch adds a large set of test cases for the Altivec ABI and
>>API.  These originally were written at Motorola, but were passed on
>>to me by people at Wind River.  I have had to redact them heavily to
>>make them acceptable to the present compiler -- not to mention,
>>comprehensible by humans; I suspect the originals were machine
>>generated, but the generator has been lost.
> I doubt that the generator has been lost.  Maybe you didn't ask the
> right people, i.e. Motorola.  I have a copy of the spe generator.  I
> might be able to get a copy of the altivec generator.

If you know who to talk to at Motorola, please tell me.  I was
informed that the people who wrote the altivec test generator had all
been laid off, and no one was left who knew anything about it.

> More importantly though, I believe these testcases are copyright
> Motorola, and hence we perhaps should be asking Motorola for
> permission before including them in our testsuite.  The spe ones I
> have say /* Copyright (c)2002 Motorola, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED */

The test cases were given to me by Wind River, and they told me that
they did not believe there was any legal problem with including them
in the test suite.  I therefore assumed that they'd already arranged
things with Motorola.  If you think it's worth checking, I'm happy to
do so.

>>They also expose the disappointing fact that the PPC simulator
>>(sim/ppc) doesn't support Altivec instructions.
> I agree it is disappointing.  Red Hat has patches for Altivec
> simulator support that haven't been contributed yet.  I just asked
> about this a few days ago, and got an answer I didn't fully
> understand.  I will prod again.

I appreciate all your help.


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