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Re: [rtlopt] Value profiling and optimalizations


> > > > There is nothing different in them; I use different tags because loop
> > > > histograms and value histograms may be used independently (or both
> > > > together). A bit more of the code could indeed be shared (mostly the parts in
> > > > libgcc2.c).
> > > Hmm, I am not sure, but perhaps it would make more sense if profiling code
> > > allowed measuring histogram of any quantities and loop code just used it
> > > for the iteration counts and other code for other values?
> > 
> > It already uses the same code for measuring the histograms; I definitely
> > want to keep the counters separated, but I am going to rewrite the
> You mean the basic block counters or the loop iteration histograms?
> In first case I agree.
> In second case what makes the loop iteration histograms different?

there is nothing different in them; but I want them to be independent
(you may for example want to measure both but use only one of them
for optimizations; this would be impossible if the counters for them
were mixed together in one section).


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