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Re: [rtlopt] Value profiling and optimalizations

> Hello,
> > >   #define GCOV_TAG_LOOP_HISTOGRAMS ((unsigned)0x01a30000)
> > > + #define GCOV_TAG_VALUE_HISTOGRAMS ((unsigned)0x01a50000)
> > What makes value histograms different from loop histograms for gcov?
> > It would perhaps make sense to comonize more of the loop and value
> > histograms code.
> There is nothing different in them; I use different tags because loop
> histograms and value histograms may be used independently (or both
> together). A bit more of the code could indeed be shared (mostly the parts in
> libgcc2.c).
Hmm, I am not sure, but perhaps it would make more sense if profiling code
allowed measuring histogram of any quantities and loop code just used it
for the iteration counts and other code for other values?
It is just cosmetical change, but that way we may add more features
similar to loop histograms in future without expanding the libgcc
interface again and again.  Also for instance gcov may have some generic
way to print the information...

> Zdenek

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