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Re: PATCH: Don't create pseudos after no_new_pseudos on SH

On Nov 15, 2002, Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:

> After some indirect prompting from Alexandre, I came up with this patch; I'm
> not sure it's the best approach, but it passes regtest on sh-hms-sim and
> fixes my problem.  Thoughts?

Even though the patch is technically correct, it may cause slightly
worse code to be generated for zero_extendhisi2, since it is only
zero_extendqisi2 that calls copy_to_mode_reg() (look at the definition
of these patterns in

That said, I kind of doubt zero_extendhisi2 would be able to handle
macl as the input operand; perhaps it should also be adjusted to
copy_to_mode_reg() if the input operand doesn't match
general_movsrc_operand?  Hmm...  But macl *would* match
general_movsrc_operand, even though macl wouldn't satisfy the `r'
constraint.  Eek.  This looks broken.  Well, not entirely broken,
since reload will presumably fix it up in most cases, but not in this
one, since reload will have already run.

So...  You patch is correct, after all.  Please check it in, as well
as in the 3.2 branch, if it a regression and the branch is open.


Alexandre Oliva   Enjoy Guarana', see
Red Hat GCC Developer                 aoliva@{,}
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