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Re: [PATCH] merge java/test.html into install.texi and sourcebuild.texi

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Janis Johnson wrote:
> +To run only the tests for a library, run @samp{make check} from the
> +the library's testsuite in a subdirectory of the object directory:
> +@file{libstdc++-v3/testsuite} or @file{libcgj/testsuite}.
There seems to be a typo here.

> +e.g., @file{~/mauve/}, then you can tell the libgcj to run the Mauve
> +tests like so: @samp{make MAUVEDIR=~/mauve check}.

"...then you can run the Mauve tests (using libgcj)..."?

(If this doesn't seem right, should "the libgcj" be "libgcj"?)

> +If you have Mauve checked out in, e.g., @file{~/mauve/}, then you can
> +tell the libgcj to run the Mauve tests with @samp{make MAUVEDIR=~/mauve check}.

> +Update this file when adding new failing tests to Mauve or when making
> +fixes to libgcj that correct for failing Mauve tests.

"that fix failing"?

> +Changes affecting the gcj front end can usefully be tested against Jacks.

I believe this should be GCJ.

Gerald "Jerry"

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