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Re: [PATCH] merge java/test.html into install.texi and sourcebuild.texi

>>>>> "Janis" == Janis Johnson <> writes:

Janis> This patch merges information from java/test.html into the main
Janis> GCC documents.

Thanks for doing this.

Janis> +The @uref{,,Mauve Project} provides
Janis> +a suite of tests for the Java Class Libraries.
Janis> +libgcj supports Mauve testing.  If you have Mauve checked out in,
Janis> +e.g., @file{~/mauve/}, then you can tell the libgcj to run the Mauve
Janis> +tests like so: @samp{make MAUVEDIR=~/mauve check}.

Recently I also added the ability to do this without setting an
environment variable.  If the libgcj test suite finds the mauve tree
in gcc/libjava/testsuite/libjava.mauve/mauve, then it will use it
automatically.  (This is more convenient sometimes, since you can just
do another checkout and use the normal test procedure.)

Janis> +We don't as yet have an automated mechanism to run Jacks tests in our test
Janis> +framework.

I added this recently too.

Currently the only way to run Jacks is to have the jacks source tree
in gcc/libjava/testsuite/libjava.jacks/jacks.

If you don't mind, please add this information to your patch.
If you'd rather, I can write a patch to update the docs after your
patch goes in.


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