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Re: Implementing Universal Character Names in identifiers

Neil Booth <> writes:

> >  - In libiberty, provide interfaces that implement UAX15.  On
> >    reflection, this should be a new <unicode.h> interface set, not
> >    tacked onto <safe-ctype.h>.
> > 
> >  - In cpplib, provide routines that validate individual identifiers
> >    against the precise lists in C99 and C++98.
> Are you going to do this part?  It would be a good start.  We could
> do with a function that confirms whether a number is in the ranges
> specified by the standards (separating the two if necessary, although
> IMO that is pedantry in extremis).  

I'm still not sure why this should be in libiberty. The list of
acceptable characters is quite specific to the preprocessor.

However, I am working on updating this function for C99.

> We also need something like ucs_digit_p(), since a UCS digit cannot
> start an identifier (something I think you missed in your patch).

It's not an issue for C++: it does not allow UCS digits in an
identifier (nor does it allow what C99 calls "Special characters" -
I'm not even certain whether C99 intends to allow them in identifiers,
and if so, whether on arbitrary positions).


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