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Re: [PATCH] merge libstdc++ contributors into doc/contrib.texi

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Janis Johnson wrote:
> 2002-11-11  Janis Johnson  <>
> 	* doc/contrib.texi: Merge in the list from the libstdc++ web pages.

Thanks!  Please note that directly before this list there is a (soon
obsolete) link to the original web page which also should be removed
by means of this patch.

> +diagnostic messages involving templates, maintaining the numerics
> +library (including that pesky <limits> :-), and keeping up-to-date
> +anything to do with numbers.

Should ":-)" be marked up as @code?

> +Loren J. Rittle for the FreeBSD port and for improvements to libstdc++-v3
> +including threading fixes, thread-related configury changes, critical
> +threading documentation, and solutions to really tricky I/O problems.

Does this make it clear that the FreeBSD port is the libstdc++-v3 port
(not the GCC port)?

Ulrich's entry seems a bit long compared with most of the other ones;
perhaps Phil could try to compress this?


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