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Re: [3.4-BIB] Add trunc/round/floor/ceil/rint builtins

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Jan Hubicka wrote:

> Wed Nov  6 15:09:21 CET 2002  Jan Hubicka  <>
> 	* extend.texi (builtin functions)  Document
> 	floor, floorf, floorl, ceil, ceilf,
> 	ceill, round, roundf, roundl, trunc,
> 	truncf, truncl, rint, rintf, rintl.

Some of these are C99-only (the round, trunc, rint functions I think; my
copy of C90 isn't to hand right now).  Note from comp.std.c and the WG14
reflector that C90 is available for sale again from BSI, I recommend
buying it.  The C99-only nature of those built-in functions needs to be
reflected in both the code and the docs.

>   functions except in strict ISO C90 mode.  There are also built-in
>   versions of the ISO C99 functions @code{cosf}, @code{cosl},
>   @code{expf}, @code{expl}, @code{fabsf}, @code{fabsl},
> ! @code{logf}, @code{logl}, @code{sinf}, @code{sinl}, @code{sqrtf}, @code{sqrtl}
> ! @code{floorf}, @code{ceilf}, @code{roundf}, @code{trainf}, @code{rintf},
> ! @code{floorl}, @code{ceill}, @code{roundl}, @code{trainl} and @code{rintl}
> ! that are recognized in any mode since ISO C90 reserves

"train" appears to be a typo here and below.

Joseph S. Myers

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