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Re: [basic-improvements] try/finally support for c/c++

>>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Dos Reis <> writes:

 > Richard Henderson <> writes:
 > | in order for this to work out properly.  E.g. a finally block
 > | is the destructor for an anonymous object of an anonymous type.
 > | Or something.  Perhaps Jason or Mark could help here?

 > I would like to express my concerns also (already stated by Stan and
 > Matt).  Before this patch goes in, it would be highly helpful to see
 > discussions about the problem, and the proposed solution.  I think
 > this is such a dramatic addition that it wouldn't be wise to let it go
 > it just as if it were a basic improvement to the compiler.

I'mna let y'all discuss this.  I was just the hacker, nothing else.
Ulrich Drepper and rth asked me to work on this for Uli's libpthread
rewrite for glibc.  (Not that this is a valid argument, but a few
other compilers have try/finally for C :-)).

Meanwhile I'll keep iteracting with Joseph Myers, rth, etc over
documentation changes ;-).


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