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Re: PATCH: reorg branch displacement fix

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Joern Rennecke wrote:
> Looking in google for fr30, it appears as if Fujitsu doesn't care about
> gcc at the moment; they talk about their 'Softune' IDE, but no word about
> GNU tools.  Also the fr30 gdb port has been obsoleted...

And the fr30 port has been broken since some time after
2002-05-29.  Build succeeded then but all the tests timed out.
I haven't tried it since.  Hmm... better do that, then...

> - The c4x and cris do not even have a length attribute.

For the record: as you may imagine, the CRIS port trusts GAS
relaxation to handle varying-length branches (9-bit and 16-bit
including sign).  It's my informed opinion that this is not
worth doing in GCC (for this target) just for sake of branch
shortening since asm:s *must* in GCC be considered of inordinate
length; GCC can't do better here than GAS anyway.  (Still worth
doing for sake of switch tables; on the virtual TODO list.
Thanks to GAS broken-.word [don't puke!], offsets aren't too
long, though.)

brgds, H-P

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