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S/390: Enable libgcj for s390*-*-linux*


now that all necessary pieces are there, it is no longer necessary
to disable libgcj on the s390(x) targets.  Therefore I've committed
the following patch to

Bootstrapped/regtested on s390-ibm-linux and s390x-ibm-linux.

      * (s390*-*-linux*): Enable libgcj.

RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/,v
retrieving revision 1.182
diff -c -p -r1.182
***  25 Sep 2002 17:22:54 -0000    1.182
---  30 Sep 2002 12:10:28 -0000
*************** case "${target}" in
*** 427,436 ****
      noconfigdirs="$noconfigdirs target-newlib target-libgloss"
-   s390*-*-linux*)
-     # The libffi port is not yet in the GCC tree
-     noconfigdirs="$noconfigdirs target-newlib target-libgloss ${libgcj}"
-     ;;
      # This section makes it possible to build newlib natively on linux.
      # If we are using a cross compiler then don't configure newlib.
--- 427,432 ----

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best Regards

Ulrich Weigand

  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  Linux for S/390 Design & Development
  IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH, Schoenaicher Str. 220, 71032 Boeblingen
  Phone: +49-7031/16-3727   ---   Email:

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