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Re: Dejagnu and parallel make tests of gcc

>The problem was the pesky testglue.o file that is used to wrap executables 
>that are run on the simulator, or other non-native targets.

By the way, the testglue.o file is only needed for broken simulators and
broken monitors that are unable to return the process exit code.  It would
be better to try to fix the broken simulators/monitors than to continue to
make this hack more complicated.  The hack was added originally because Cygnus
had no monitor sources, and thus fixing broken monitors was not an option.
Unfortunately, people then started using it to justify broken simulators,
and now we have a mess.

The way this is supposed to work is that the simulator should return the
simulated process exit code as its own exit code.  Then we can do testing on
simulators by doing "sh simulator testcase" instead of "sh testcase".
The testglue.o file is not needed in this case, and everything works better.

You can disable use of testglue.o in dejagnu by deleting the line that sets
needs_status_wrapper to 1.


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