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Re: Get rid of underscore.c

On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 09:03:31AM -0700, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Christian Jönsson <> writes:
> > Are we really arguing because this is not supported by cvs or are we
> > arguing which one of the projects c++filt belongs to more? The answer
> > could very well be *both*, not *either*...
> The issue is not really the files themselves.  It's the fact that the
> release cycles are not coordinated, so which c++filt people get
> depends upon which release of binutils or gcc they install.  If they
> happen to install an older binutils after a newer gcc, they may get a
> c++filt which does not work for the version of gcc they have.
> One way to fix this would be to have c++filt support shared libraries
> to do the actual demangling, and have gcc install an appropriate
> shared library in an agreed upon place so that c++filt could use that
> library.  That would have the advantage that objdump, et. al., could
> automatically demangle symbols from a newer version of gcc.

FWIW, the Linux binutils supports

	--demangler DSO:FUNCTION    Set DSO and demangler function

But it requires dlopen. I am willing to modify my patch without using
dlopen. But the thread

died eventually.


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