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Re: Get rid of underscore.c

On Sep 23, 2002, Jason Merrill <> wrote:

> OK, but it seems to me that if someone is installing the GNU
> binutils, they will have also installed gcc, and thus c++filt.

Hmm...  How about `it seems to me that if someone is installing gcc,
they will have also installed binutils, and thus c++filt'.

I don't think c++filt belongs in GCC any more than in binutils.  I'm
happy with keeping the status quo of having it in both packages, but
if it's to be in a single package, I think it should be binutils, just
because it does more than demangle GCC symbols.

Claiming that it belongs in GCC because libstdc++-v3 needs to be able
to demangle symbols is just as valid as claiming that so do many of
the binutils and gdb, that also do demangling.

If gcc needs c++filt for its testsuite, we might as well build it but
refrain from installing it.

But since it's never been much of a problem that both binutils and gcc
installed c++filt, I'd rather keep it in both.  So that, like DJ says,
if there is user confusion, we can always say `use the latest'.

Alexandre Oliva   Enjoy Guarana', see
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