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Re: Unreviewed patch (expand_expr:MINUS_EXPR)

"Ulrich Weigand" <> writes:

> Could someone please have a look at this patch:

[that refers to an original patch by Jason:]

I think it'd be better to fix Jason's original patch; there's no reason
why this can't be done at the tree level.

I was looking at the original explanation for Jason's patch,
and have come to two conclusions:

1. It would really have helped if there were more testcases.  Jason,
   do you remember what specifically broke?  Ulrich, can you make up a
   testcase for the optimisation you're missing (perhaps using

2. I don't understand Jason's original patch.  If you negate something
   in a POINTER_TYPE, it should be what you'd expect: the value which,
   when added to another POINTER_TYPE value, is equivalent to
   subtracting the original thing.  If that doesn't happen then negation
   is broken.

I think this might be something which was really fixed later by the
application of stricter rules about the sign-extension of CONST_INTs,
and so the right thing is to just back out Jason's original patch
(with some minor changes, signed_type is now a language hook).

Any other opinions?

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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