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Re: [gcc-3_4-basic-improvements-branch] Patch to consolidate ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 09:23:42AM -0400, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:
> I don't know what to do (if anything) with this one.  Is it correct?


> Note it's the only port that would have been okay with the old default
> for ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME.  But I've changed that now so I'm not
> sure whether the call to ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL, the 'L' prefix
> and the '_' suffix are necessary.  Is there a definition of
> ASM_PN_FORMAT that would make this port happy?


would retain the current behaviour exactly.

> 	* alpha.h, alpha/vms.h, arc.h, arm/aof.h, arm/aout.h, avr.h,
> 	c4x.h, cris.h, d30v.h, fr30.h, frv.h, h8300.h, i370.h, i386.h,
> 	i960.h, ia64.h, ip2k.h, m32r.h, m68hc11.h, m68k/3b1.h,
> 	m68k/hp320.h, m68k.h, m68k/mot3300.h, m68k/sgs.h, m68k/tower-as.h,
> 	m88k.h, mcore.h, mips.h, mmix.h, mn10200.h, mn10300.h, ns32k.h,
> 	pa.h, pdp11.h, romp.h, rs6000.h, s390/linux.h, sh.h, sparc.h,
> 	stormy16.h, v850.h, vax.h, xtensa.h (ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME):
> 	Delete.
> 	* alpha/vms.h, h8300.h, i370.h, ia64.h, m68k/3b1.h, m68k/hp320.h,
> 	m68k/mot3300.h, m68k/sgs.h, m68k/tower-as.h, mmix.h, mn10200.h,
> 	mn10300.h, pa.h, v850.h (ASM_PN_FORMAT): Define.
> 	* defaults.h (ASM_PN_FORMAT, ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME): Define.
> 	* doc/tm.texi (ASM_FORMAT_PRIVATE_NAME): Update documentation.



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