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Re: Help w/ CFG/loop optimization problem?

In message <>, Roger S
ayle writes:
 >Hi Dale,
 >> Advice?
 >Spooky!  I posted to patch to gcc-patches to fix a similar problem
 >(CFG vs LOOP) less than an hour after your question.
 >I think I know a possible fix.  I believe that the "conditional branch
 >over an unconditional branch" idiom that GCC's initial RTL generation
 >uses is a historical artifact.  I suspect that GCC now handles long
 >conditional branches perfectly well,  so creating jumps over jumps
 >does nothing but confuse CFG, which in turn confuses LOOP.
Hmm, I doubt this had anything at all to do with long branches, but is
more an artifact of GCC's often simple-minded code generator (and to
a lesser extent these things can happen due to other optimizations).

Long branch support is dealt with *much* later in the compiler --
during final assembly output.

I'd be surprised if this optimization could really just "go away"; I
don't recall any changes in the base code generator which would avoid
generating such code.


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