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Re: C++ PATCH to be lenient about incomplete types in exception-specifiers

On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Jason Merrill wrote:
> This patch reduces the error for an incomplete type in an
> exception-specifier to a pedwarn, and adds an error for calling a function
> with such a spec.  C++ only requires argument types to be complete at the
> points of definition and call; the same seems appropriate for EH specs.
> The Intel compiler apparently also provides this extension.
> Tests in g++.dg/eh/spec[56].C.
> 2002-09-01  Jason Merrill  <>
> 	* typeck2.c (add_exception_specifier): Only pedwarn for an
> 	incomplete type.
> 	(require_complete_eh_spec_types): New fn.
> 	(cxx_incomplete_type_diagnostic): Also support pedwarning.
> 	* typeck.c (complete_type_or_diagnostic): Likewise.
> 	* call.c (build_call): Call require_complete_eh_spec_types.
> 	* rtti.c (get_pseudo_ti_desc): Give an error rather than aborting
> 	on an incomplete type.

Hi Jason,

if this is an extension, shouldn't it be documented as such somewhere?
(I hope I haven't missed anything here?)

Gerald "Jerry"

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