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Re: [PATCH] MS Bitfields for Interix

> From: "Douglas B Rupp" <>
> Cc: <>
> Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 21:11:11 -0700

> > Also, somewhere in the release notes (perhaps the NEWS file?) there
> > should be mention that the ABI has changed under these circumstances.
> I cannot find a gcc/NEWS file, only an ONEWS file.
> > Are MS bitfields different under Interix (compared to, say, cygwin)?
> > If they are not, it would be better to put the flags in
> > TARGET_SWITCHES and TARGET_DEFAULT and so on, not special-case
> > Interix.
> >
> After talking to some Cygwin/MingW users we feel its a good long term
> goal to move the option to the TARGET_* macros but premature at this time.
> We want the option
> to  be the default on Interix, but don't want to make this decision for
> other subtargets.

In that case, can you just move the appropriate parts to
interix port?  That way individual OS ports can choose the default on
their own, but all OSs have the functionality available.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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