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Re: PATCH RFC: dwarf2 EH for Darwin

On Mon, 09 Sep 2002 16:38:42 -0700, Stan Shebs <> wrote:

> The first is the macro ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_DELTA, which seems like
> it probably ought to be a target hook, even though it only needs
> a non-default value for the one target.

The comment at the beginning of dw2_asm_output_delta seems relevant.  Why
does your implementation work for Darwin, when that comment suggests it

> The second is the TERMINATE_EH_FRAME_INFO, which looks kludgy to
> me, but I'm not clear on how this ought to be done.  The crux of
> the problem is that EH_FRAME_SECTION_NAME should not be set for
> Darwin, because it enables ELFish bits we don't really want.
> Perhaps the zero-termination choice ought to be a generic target
> hook too?

It's already kludgy; this should have been handled better when the target
hook for eh_frame_section was added.

One option would be to terminate it only if targetm.eh_frame_section is
still set to the default function.  Speaking of which, it probably makes
sense to have two different default functions, depending on whether or not


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