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Re: PATCH to fold in convert_ieee_real_to_integer

Per Bothner writes:
 > Andrew Haley wrote:
 > > Per Bothner writes:
 > >  > While looking into how constant fields propagate, I found that
 > >  > convert_ieee_real_to_integer doesn't constant-fold.  I think it
 > >  > should.  Andrew, I believe this is your code, so please take a
 > >  > look.  You might also want to re-format.  Normally, we do fold
 > >  > fold (build (...)) rather than build (...., fold (...)), so I
 > >  > should move the fold calls (pysically, not logically).
 > > 
 > > I think this was deliberate, because at the time fold() wasn't doing
 > > the Right Thing with respect to Java.  However, this was a very long
 > > time ago and it's perfectly possible that my memory is inaccurate.
 > Alternatively, we can just explicitly test whether the incoming argument
 > is constant.
 > However, the following valid initialization currently causes the
 > compiler to crash:
 >    public final static long c = (long) 2345.67;
 > Could you look into the correct fix?



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