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Re: XFAIL weak symbol tests on Darwin

David Edelsohn wrote:

Although Darwin will probably get weak symbols at some point, for now
the testsuite should just shut up about it.  Committed to the trunk.

(I note that other platforms, like AIX, also moan about weak symbols not
working - perhaps a more generic test is in order instead of hacking the
nine files every time?  There is a proc check_weak_available in
target-supports.exp, although only ecos tests seem to use.)

	I already posted a patch to use check_weak_available by moving all
of the weak tests into a subdirectory.

	It already has been approved by Richard, but I haven't had a
chance to integrate it fully and test it.  David Billinghurst was going to
finish it, but I haven't heard back.

	That patch is what you want and already approved.  If you want to
drop it in, test it, and do all of the cvs add/cvs removes to add the
directory and move the tests, please go ahead.


It's all in now. Everything passes on Linux, everything is "unresolved" (soon to
be "unsupported") on Darwin.


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