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RE: Minor patch for H8300

Extremely sorry !
My patch had a missing semi-colon.
This is the corrected patch.
Sorry for the trouble.
 2002-09-03   Arati Dikey
   		  h8300.c(asm_file_start): Corrected optimization comment 
 --- h8300.c.orig	Mon Aug 26 11:40:28 2002
 +++ h8300.c	Tue Sep 03 18:07:14 2002
 @@ -497,6 +497,10 @@ asm_file_start (file)
    fprintf (file, ";\tGCC For the Hitachi H8/300\n");
    fprintf (file, ";\tBy Hitachi America Ltd and Cygnus Support\n");
 +  if (optimize_size)
 +    fprintf (file, "; -Os\n");
 +  else if (optimize)
      fprintf (file, "; -O%d\n", optimize);
    if (TARGET_H8300H)

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Law []
Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 10:51 PM
To: Arati Dikey
Subject: Re: Minor patch for H8300 

In message <>, "Arati Dikey
" writes:
 >The h8300 assembler writes the type of optimization in the beginning of
 >the assembly file as a comment. When the optimization selected is -Os,
 >it writes -O2.
 >Following patch corrects it.
Thanks.  I made a minor formatting fix and installed your change.

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