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Re: [3.2, mainline] Fix forg77.f-torture/execute/f90-intrinsic-numeric.f on x86-64

Toon Moene <> writes:

> Jan Hubicka wrote:
>> Hi,
>> g77.f-torture/execute/f90-intrinsic-numeric.f fails to compile on x86-64
>> because it uses TFmode for converting fp->integer in unsigned way and later
>> promotes the TFmode argument to be constant in CSE.  CSE attempts to force
>> constant into memory in order to make instruction match that needs to get
>> constant_alignment, for that it needs type of the constants that gets into
>> ffe_type_for_mode that returns NULL and we get nice crash.
>> This patch fixes the problem by adding long_double_type_node to it.
>> Bootstrapped/regtested 3.2 release and mainline.  OK for 3.2 branch
>> and mainline?
> As far as mainline is concerned, this patch is OK with me.  BTW,
> doesn't long_double_type_node mean different things on different
> hardware (i.e., isn't a long double 80 bits on a plain x86 ?)

AFAIK: You have the right to ack it for the 3.2. branch, also.  So, is
it ok there or not?

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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