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Re: [RFC] PowerPC select_section / unique_section

At 17:27 30.08.2002, David Edelsohn wrote:
>>>>> Alan Modra writes:

Alan> Uh, oh.  If I understand binds_local_p and mark_constant_function
Alan> correctly, setting flag_pic is actually a bug-fix when compiling
Alan> powerpc64-linux shared libs.  We have the standard ELF binding of
Alan> global syms.  That is, global functions may be overridden by functions
Alan> in another shared library or by the main application.

Alan> So powerpc64-linux-gcc should allow -fpic/PIC to twiddle flag_pic for
Alan> binds_local_p, and users should set -fPIC when compiling shared libs
Alan> as is common on other ELF targets.  We could use another flag, because
Alan> like that annoying rs6000.c warning says "all code is position
Alan> independent" on ppc64, but that would make powerpc64-linux just that
Alan> more odd.  Lots of packages set -fPIC to mean "compile me code for a
Alan> shared library".

        This is what the patch that I applied to both gcc-3.2 and the
trunk already does, without utilizing the generic infrastructure.  The
PowerPC port currently does not use the targetm.binds_local_p.  We can
discuss evolving to the generic infrastructure for GCC 3.4.
What might be acceptable for 3.3 still is the appended patch which basically just copies the varasm routines to rs6000.c and adds SDATA2 and AIXELF PIC handling. Briefly tested on powerpc-linux-gnu without regressions. Can the AIXELF people give it a try? Sorry, no changelog yet, I'm in a hurry right now.


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