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Re: unreviewed patch (doc patch)

>>>>> "Janis" == Janis Johnson <> writes:

 Janis> On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 04:04:15PM -0400, Paul Koning wrote:

 Janis> Gerald Pfeifer, who would normally review this, is two weeks
 Janis> into a three-week vacation.  I offered to check in obvious
 Janis> documentation changes while he's away but wasn't sure if these
 Janis> changes were obvious or not.  After looking at them more
 Janis> closely, though, they do look fairly obvious, so I'm sorry for
 Janis> the delay.

Thanks... no problem.

 Janis> Mail including a documentation patch should indicate that you
 Janis> ran "make info" and "make dvi"; have you done that?

Yes I have (and proofread the changes in both outputs, of course).

 Janis> One nit; the line in tm.texi:

 Janis> +to return the value of the macro  @samp{MAX_DFA_ISSUE_RATE}.

 Janis> should be:

 Janis> +to return the value of the macro @code{MAX_DFA_ISSUE_RATE}.

 Janis> The old line also used @samp, but it's a good idea to do small
 Janis> cleanups while making changes like this.

I need to learn more about what all those various macros are intended
for, thanks for the hint.

 Janis> It looks like you don't have write access, so I'll check them
 Janis> in with that change if you let me know that you ran the make
 Janis> targets listed above.

Actually, at this point I do supposedly have write access.  So I'll
make the correction you mentioned and check that in.

Thanks Janis.


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