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Re: typeof woes in symbol renaming, or glibc x gcc

--On Wednesday, August 28, 2002 10:54:44 PM -0400 Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:

On Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 04:34:11PM -0700, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> Does the fact that the upcoming glibc 2.3 won't be built properly
> without this patch in GCC, so every GNU/Linux vendor that adopts GCC
> 3.2 and glibc 2.3 will probably install this patch themselves, help
> get the patch accepted for 3.2.1?

Well, OK.

But the GNU/Linux vendors ought to work to avoid this situation; forcing
potentially destabilizing changes on the overall GCC community isn't
the right thing to do.
GNU/Linux vendors haven't got a choice.
Sure they do.

I understand how new stuff in GCC gets used in glibc, and how then
*if* you commit to the latest version of glibc you need changes to
GCC that aren't there in a released version.

Note the *if*.  There's no rule that says that you have to ship glibc
2.3 just because it is out.

I'm sure there are very good reasons for wanting the lastest glibc, but
I would be happier if the distributors had picked the glibc version
they wanted, figured out what stuff needed to be in GCC to accomplish
that, and had gotten that into a major version of GCC, and then had used
that GCC.

The problem is that pulling stuff into minor releases of GCC because
its needed in glibc puts us in a difficult position.  If those things
are at all risky-looking, we risk destabilizing the compiler for all
users, including those who aren't GNU/Linux users.

Alexandre's patch was very clean, and very well explained, and that
helped me decide that it wasn't likely to mess anything up.  For those
kinds of patches, there isn't much of an issue.

Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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