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Re: [patch] fastjar documentation

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Matthias Klose wrote:

> hmm, I've been told, that the fastjar diretory should be self
> contained, so the fastjar docs can be used upstream as well. Therfore
> the duplicated macros. same reason for including the two texi files.

Is fastjar actually being maintained upstream?  If so, it might be more
appropriate to include a fastjar version number (0.92-gcc is what jar
--version says at present) in the manual, and not a GCC version number at
all.  If not, questions of what should be different between fastjar
upstream and GCC can be resolved when fastjar upstream is maintained - but
I think that the GCC version should not include duplicates of the gpl.texi
and fdl.texi files in any case, even though upstream may include its own

That this patch got the GCC version number wrong (for mainline) should be 
reason enough to show that the number should not be duplicated here.

> How? using the automake generated Makefile ...
> I need to add an -I option to MAKEINFO, but MAKEINFO and MAKEINFO are
> overridden from the toplevel make.

AM_MAKEINFOFLAGS, according to the Automake manual.

Joseph S. Myers

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