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Re: [distcc] using distcc to speed up gcc bootstraps

On Aug 25, 2002, Neil Booth <> wrote:

> Of course, but that doesn't prevent you adding it for the first line
> of the original file now, does it?  And it would still be backwards
> compatible.

I don't see how introducing a change that was not forewarned in older
docs be regarded as backward-compatible.  Any other program that
claimed to support the old GCC preprocessed output could legally throw
the towel when seeing that.

> This is another case where I don't think we can reasonably expect
> to do as well with preprocessed files as with original files.  Original
> files should be easy to get right.  We can only get debug info for
> macros for .i files with -dD anyway.

Perhaps -ggdb should imply -dD, now that we can emit debugging info
about macros?

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