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PATCH: cross compile C++ includes


When crosscompiling gcc (ppc -> ppc64), the C++ include files appear in the
wrong directory.

Reason for this is that the libstdcxx_incdir variable is used in the Makefiles
but not passed down from toplevel configure script.

Ciao, Marcus

	Marcus Meissner <>
	Pass down libstdcxx_incdir from toplevel configure script
	so the C++ includes are found during cross compile.

--- gcc-3.2-20020805/	Thu Aug 15 13:19:58 2002
+++ gcc-3.2-20020805/	Thu Aug 15 13:21:08 2002
@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@
 tooldir = $(exec_prefix)/$(target_alias)
 build_tooldir = $(exec_prefix)/$(target_alias)
--- gcc-3.2-20020805/	Thu Aug 15 13:38:08 2002
+++ gcc-3.2-20020805/	Thu Aug 15 13:40:20 2002
@@ -1602,6 +1602,7 @@
 s%^BUILD_SUBDIR[ 	]*=.*$%BUILD_SUBDIR = ${build_subdir}%
 s%^BUILD_CONFIGARGS[ 	]*=.*$%BUILD_CONFIGARGS = ${buildargs}%
 s%^gxx_include_dir[ 	]*=.*$%gxx_include_dir=${gxx_include_dir}%
+s%^libstdcxx_incdir[ 	]*=.*$%libstdcxx_incdir=${libstdcxx_incdir}%
 sed -f $sedtemp Makefile > Makefile.tem
 rm -f Makefile $sedtemp

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