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New PO Template file for `gcc'

Hello, gentle maintainer.  This is a message from the Translation
Project robot.

A new PO Template file, for programs using the textual domain `gcc',
has just been made available to language teams for translation, and a
copy is available as:


The file should soon be made available in mirror sites as:


In your releases, this file is usually found as `po/gcc.pot'.  It is
created or updated automatically at `make dist' time, or whenever you
run `make update-po' in the `po/' subdirectory.  Whenever you have a
distribution ready which holds a newer PO Template, please send the URL
of this distribution to the address below.  The distribution could be
a pretest or a snapshot, it does not even have to compile.  This is to
be used by translators, when they need to get some translation context
from your sources.

Within the Translation Project, each PO Template file should have
different version numbers, but since it is not OK to have two different
distributions having same version numbers, this is not a problem in

Here is the URL information which has just been provided to translators for
your package.  Please inform the translation coordinator, at the address
given below, if the information does not appear to be adequate or current:


Translated PO files will later be automatically e-mailed to you.

Thanks for your collaboration,

                                The Translation Project robot, in the
                                name of your kind translation coordinator.

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