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Re: Patch to implement C99 flexible array member constraints

On 17 Aug 2002, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

> Why do you keep talking of style while it is not?

Because it is.  There is an old style of doing certain warnings,
*_with_decl, and a new style, with %+D, %H etc, and they are used in
different parts of the compiler.  I've queued the change for the code in
question and other parts of the C front end on my GCC todo list.

> And codes in the C front-end do use %D.

As far as I can see, only C++-specific code in c-semantics.c (using %#D).

> IMO, web page is not all about it -- and you do know that our web-page
> maintainer is away; that doesn't mean that something he didn't have
> the time to put there doesn't happen.  

What's actually relevant is that the release manager's away and so can't
right now say whether this sort of general cleanup is appropriate at this
point.  If it is I'll make the changes in general for the C front end -
not for a single warning on its own.

Joseph S. Myers

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