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Re: PATCH: Wno-warning-directives [WasRe: cpplib: Start moving ...]

Mark Mitchell <> writes:
> > Apple GCC has the features, but we offer them for FSF GCC in the
> > belief that if they're useful at Apple, they're quite possibly
> > useful elsewhere.
> But so far the consensus here seems to be that people don't see this
> new switch as useful elsewhere.  So, that's the kind of thing that's
> perfect for Apple GCC -- something useful to Apple but not elsewhere.
> (If I misread the consensus, I apologize; I may have missed messages
> in the thread.)

I am not working with Apple stuff, but I would find this patch useful.
> Nobody is suggesting we not add functionality to the compiler; we're
> all working on that all the time.  The question is what functionality.

In the general case, I would like to see the interactions of warnings
and errors revisited. One master switch (-Werror) to rule that all
warnings should be treated as errors just does not work as more and more
warnings are added to the system.

	-- Mark

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