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Re: PATCH: Wno-warning-directives [WasRe: cpplib: Start moving ...]

On Monday, August 12, 2002, at 04:01  PM, Neil Booth wrote:

Devang Patel wrote:-

Here is the patch.
OK to commit  ?
Could you remind me of the rationale for this switch again?
It was a long thread. But just like we have an option to disable
warnings from system header, somebody may need an options to
disable #warning messages.

*************** static void preprocess_file PARAMS ((voi
*** 157,162 ****
--- 157,163 ----
    OPT("Wstrict-prototypes",   CL_ALL,   OPT_Wstrict_prototypes)
    OPT("Wsynth",                       CL_CXX,   OPT_Wsynth)
    OPT("Wsystem-headers",      CL_ALL,   OPT_Wsystem_headers)
+   OPT("Wwarning-directives",    CL_ALL,   OPT_Wwarning_directives)
    OPT("Wtraditional",         CL_C,     OPT_Wtraditional)
    OPT("Wtrigraphs",           CL_ALL,   OPT_Wtrigraphs)
    OPT("Wundef",                       CL_ALL,   OPT_Wundef)
Have you tried this?  If it works, you're lucky, and it will break
in the future 8-)
It works for me, but may be I am missing something obvious.
What am I doing wrong? It is hard to keep track of stuff since
you are moving so fast!


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