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Re: [www] mention BSD on c++-abi page

In article <u8fzxnlu04.fsf@gromit.moeb> Andreas Jaeger writes:

>>  > So, what shall I write down for:[...]
>>  > - FreeBSD

> Can you give me some more accurate information for NetBSD (and I need
> to know this from others for FreeBSD/OpenBSD also):

I think for FreeBSD, all this information is already covered in much
depth in *-*-freebsd* sections of gcc/doc/install.texi.  I have
cut-n-paste the answers here in proper context.

> - What other packages are required? is the binutils  version fine?

For FreeBSD, ``The version of binutils installed in @file{/usr/bin} is
known to work unless otherwise specified in any per-architecture
notes.  However, binutils 2.12.1 or greater is known to improve
overall testsuite results.''

> - Do we need a special C Library?

No, -lc and -lc_r from /usr/lib are fine.

> - What values should these flags have - and what's the default?
>  * --enable-threads=posix

For FreeBSD, ``Otherwise, this release of GCC should now match more of
the configuration used in the stock FreeBSD configuration of GCC.  In
particular, @option{--enable-threads} is now configured by default.''

>  * --enable-shared

Not discussed, but the stock FreeBSD configuration of GCC provides
shared libraries and it is the default when building from the FSF tree
on FreeBSD.

>  * --enable__cxa_atexit

Shall not be used on FreeBSD (unless __cxa_atexit gets added very soon
- believe that the discussion of this one flag being set is a red
herring - the root issue is that the setting of that flag must match
the setting reported by gcc being upgraded).


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