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[tree-ssa] rfa soon: mudflap prototype

Hi -

In a few minutes, I plan to submit an initial set of patches
against the tree-ssa branch for our mudflap project.  This
Red Hat funded project aims to provide a new memory/bounds-checking
extension for gcc, using concepts borrowed from Greg McGary's
bounded-pointers work as well as Richard Jones' gcc-checker work.

The goal is to provide reasonably high-performance bounds
checking for C program modules, by instrumenting selected
tree-level constructs like pointer-dereferencing and
array-indexing.  This mechanism uses ordinary (ABI-preserving)
pointers, and a separate interposition-style runtime library.

The code is in prototype form, and much advice will be needed
from more knowledgeable gcc folks to clean up many style issues
and the mudflap hooks.  One of the early bits of advice sought
would be regarding the source/build placement of the runtime
library.  For now, the patches will include them as a plain
hand-built module under gcc/libmudflap.

Without the new "-fmudflap" option, the compiler does nothing
new, and bootstraps fine on linux.

- FChE

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