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Re: How to check that selectors exist

Nicola Pero wrote:
 4. it's completely inconsistent with how checks for functions and
variables and methods and everything are handled/done, since normally when
checking the compiler never 'looks ahead', while for selectors it would
do; this might look like an improvement at a first glance, but it actually
confused me a lot the first time I tried to use it, since the golden
standard rule that 'everything must be declared before being used' is no
longer valid, but a more complex, selector-specific, rule is used.

This is the main point for me, since I think selectors should be handled like functions in this respect, and it's just good practice (sometimes necessary!) to declare a function before you use it.

double foo(double a);

int bar()
double b = foo(4.5);


@interface MyObject (PrivateMethods)
- (double) foo: (double)a
@implementation MyObject
- (int) bar
double b = [self foo: 4.5];

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