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Re: [PATCH] checking version of rtl flag access macros

   From: Janis Johnson <>
   Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 10:39:07 -0700

   It's the code for the only kind of rtx that is expected to be used with
   the macro INSN_ANNULLED_BRANCH_P.   I changed the name of the macro
   argument so it wouldn't conflict with the RTL code name.
   Your mail to gcc-bugs says that the macro is used with JUMP_INSN.  If
   that's expected, the macro should be changed to add that to the list,
   and the documentation in rtl.texi should be updated; otherwise the
   hppa-linux port should be fixed to avoid using this macro with such an
   rtx.  In the meantime, you can turn off the new rtl flag checking with
   --enable-checking=misc,tree,gc (the previous list of defaults).
It's not an hppa-anything specific problem.  The reorg pass uses this
flag on JUMP_INSNs, and as far as I can tell only JUMP_INSNs.  If I'm
right the documentation and the RTL flag check are both inaccurate and
need to be fixed.

The same RTL flag assertion hits on Sparc, and will on just about any
target using delay slots and thus reorg.

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