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#ifdef maze logic error in real.h

-Wtraditional vs glibc

Re: ./config merge q?

3.0 branch: Deprecate __FUNCTION__ concatenation

Re: 3.0.3 PATCH: Properly fix stdio.h on Tru64 UNIX V5.1A

ücfg-branch+ mainline merger

[3.0] fix c/4299

[Ada] Add preserve timestamp feature to gnatchop

[Ada] Add update-sources target to Makefile.in

[Ada] Building gnatdll.exe on MinGW32

[Ada] Change "Modifying" to "Extends" in projects facility

[Ada] change made on 03Dec2001 fixes ACATS CXD6001

[Ada] Clarify Makefile.adalib comments

[Ada] Corrections to gnat-style.texi

[Ada] Diagnose illegal default for private tagged record discriminant

[Ada] Fix ACATS BC51018 - "compilation abandoned" with -gnatq

[Ada] Fix assignment to null array doesn't raise CE despite warning

[Ada] Fix BC1202A - "compilation abandoned" with -gnatq

[Ada] Fix bindgen outputs junk for "gnatmake -a -f -gnatL ..."

[Ada] Fix bug in derivation imposing a constraint

[Ada] Fix ChangeLog that got extra junk added in previous commit

[Ada] Fix compiler crash with internal error 305

[Ada] Fix front-end inlining problem with generics

[ada] fix garbage collection problem

[Ada] Fix gigi abort on simple package

[Ada] Fix list of sources for HIE mode

[ada] fix no os system interface

[Ada] Fix problem with utime.h on vxworks

[Ada] Fix spurious error on access discriminant

[Ada] Fix unaligned access problem in record with packed components

[Ada] Fix use before freeze problem

[Ada] Fix visibility problem with front-end inlining

[Ada] Generalize pragma Validity_Checks

[Ada] Improve warning message for unreferenced constants

[Ada] make.adb (1.177) checked in at 2001/11/06 01:38:24

[Ada] Mark functions with address param as non-pure

[Ada] Minor comment/formatting fixes

Re: [Ada] Minor formatting change for inline.ads

[Ada] Minor reformatting

[Ada] Minor reformatting and add ??? comments

[Ada] Minor reformatting and comment update

[Ada] Minor reformatting for gnat_rm.texi

[Ada] Miscellaneous fixes/reformatting/cleanup

[Ada] Missing items from patches reflecting ACT updates in october

[Ada] Patch to ada/cstreams.c for MinGW32

[Ada] Reflect 2001-10-22 changes

[Ada] Reflect ACT change of 2001-11-01

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes from 2001-11-02

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-23

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-24

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-25

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-26

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-28

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-28, part 2

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-29

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-30

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-10-31

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-11-03

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-11-04

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-11-05

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-11-07

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001-11-09

[Ada] Reflect ACT changes of 2001/11/08

[Ada] Reflect missed ACT updates in sem_ch12.adb

[Ada] Regenerate files.

[Ada] Regenerate sources

[Ada] Remove ancient code generation constraint fromgnat-style.texi

[Ada] Remove extra warnings when already warning for CE

[Ada] Remove partial support for unused entities in conditionals

[Ada] Update documentation and rename a procedure

[Ada] Update Makefile.in to reflect GNAT.Regexp dependencies

[ada] wrap comment

[Ada]: mingw32 patch for ada/cal.c

[Ada]: Missing spec for new procedure Apply_Alignment_Check

[arm-linux target] better softfloat support

Re: [arm-linux target] better support for soft-float and default cpu

Re: [arm-linux target] better support for soft-float and defaultcpu

[ast-optimizer-branch] Minor include cleanup [patch]

Re: [ast-optimizer-branch] Print trees in C syntax

Re: [ast-optimizer-branch]: SSA-CCP on tree-ssa

Re: [bugs] Bug in mainline gcc

[c++ old name mangling cruft to remove] Re: PATCH Re: mangling of '$' / DOLLARS_IN_IDENTIFIERS cleanup

[C++ Patch] Allow inline member functions to handle __attribute__

[C++ patch] deprecate implicit typename

[c++ patch] deprecate implicit typename (again)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix 3381

[C++ PATCH] Fix 87

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 160

[c++ patch] Fix bug 35

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 3716

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 4361

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 4672 (possible defect)

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 5089

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 51

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 5116

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 5123

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 5125

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix bug 5132

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 5213

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 72

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 775

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR 109

Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix PR 164

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR 45

[C++ PATCH] Preliminary patch for bug 2645

[C++ PATCH] Random tidying

[C++ PATCH] Remove some no longer used internal name checks (was Re: Compiling omniORB3 with gcc 3.0.3-pre)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Remove some no longer used internal name checks(was Re: Compiling omniORB3 with gcc 3.0.3-pre)

[c++ patch] Simplify clone instantiation

Re: [c++ patch] tidy up

[C++ patch] tweak diagnostic formatting

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 196

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 335

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 383

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 4379

[C++ PATCH]: Fix PR 90

[cfg-branch] fix eh handling

[cfg-branch] function sections

[cfg-branch] hot/cold predicates

[cfg-branch] improved Software Trace Cache

[cfg-branch] mainline merger

[cfg-branch] STC - avoid some duplications

[cfg-branch] STC improved

[cfg-branch] tracer tweek

[cfg-branch] tracer tweeks

[cfg-branch] update predictors

[cfgbranch] cfgcleanup - Fix debug output

[dfa-branch] DFA pipeline description for SH4

[Fortran - trunk, committed] Patch to fix PR Fortran/4885

Re: [Fwd: Re: HPUX 11 "size_t" fixinc problems]

[gcc-gnats@gcc.gnu.org: Re: optimization/3846: -Wunreachable-code wrongly included in -Wall when using -O]

[java] fix constructor markup

[java] fix gc descriptors on 64-bit targets

[java] fix some alpha/ia64 compile failures

[java] Patch to remove whitespace at end of line in Make-lang.in

[jh@suse.cz: Re: Complete sqrt patch...]

[libiberty PATCH revised]: Change strncmp test in try anon mmap

[libiberty patch]: Change strncmp test in the way it uses mmap

[libstdc++ 3.0] libstdc++/4622 and gcc 3.0.3

[libstdc++ 3.0] Merge documentation from trunk.

[libstdc++ 3.0] alternative 3.0-branch patch for PR 3720

[libstdc++ patch] Check for __builtins in std_cmath.h

[libstdc++] Boring patch, fixes doc typos.

[libstdc++] Add fd() member function to filebufs

[libstdc++] Additional testsuite hook and testcase

[libstdc++] Checks for lower_bound too strong

[libstdc++] Document and tidy up stl_deque.h

[libstdc++] New testcase for additional allocators

[libstdc++] Separate distance(i,j,n) extension from internal routines.

[libstdc++] Tidy up master doxygen hook.

[libstdc++] Tweak up docs for snapshot

[libstdc++] Update DR lists

Re: [libstdc++] Additional testsuite hook and testcase

[libstdc++] alpha cpulimits typo

[libstdc++] more explicit instantiations

[libstdc++] Remove iterator structs, more doc fixes

[new-regalloc-branch] bugfix for get_free_reg

[ObjC PATCH: RFA] Re: bug in objc runtime handling categories (fwd)

[objc] fix most alpha regressions

[OBJC]: Patch to gthr-win32.h to prevent BOOL conflict

[PATCH / RFA]: Load hoisting fix

[PATCH] ABI union alignment fix for place_union_field

[patch] Add @findex define_insn_and_split to md.texi

[PATCH] Add __attribute__((format(wprintf, 2, 3))) etc. format checking support

Re: [PATCH] Add __attribute__((format(wprintf, 2, 3))) etc. formatchecking support

[patch] Add a missing mode in h8300.md

[PATCH] add FreeBSD/StrongARM target

[patch] Add support for NetBSD libstdc++-v3 cross-compiles

[PATCH] Add target hook in C front end

[PATCH] adds FreeBSD/sparc64 target

[PATCH] adds FreeBSD/StrongARM to mainline

[patch] Allow -mcmodel=large for x86-64 target

[PATCH] Allow compound literals in static storage duration object initializers

Re: [PATCH] Allow compound literals in static storage duration objectinitializers

[PATCH] build status mail instructions in install.texi

[PATCH] C++ builtins go in std and global namespaces

[PATCH] cleans x from elfos.h

Re: [PATCH] data prefetch support and __builtin_prefetch (take 2)

[PATCH] elfos.h label rollover appears negative

[PATCH] Fix -aux-info (was Re: Kill -a/-ax profiler)

[PATCH] Fix .debug_ranges and a bug in output_loc_list

[PATCH] Fix .debug_ranges and a bug in output_loc_list (take 2)

[patch] Fix a comment typo in h8300.c

[PATCH] Fix Alpha ICE in if_then_else_cond

[PATCH] Fix Alpha reload ICE

Re: [PATCH] Fix another Alpha ICE

Re: [PATCH] Fix C array constructor handling

[patch] Fix comment formatting.

Re: [PATCH] Fix comment typo

[patch] Fix comment typos in h8300.[ch]

[patch] Fix dump file names in invoke.texi.

[PATCH] Fix DW_CFA_restore handling

Re: [PATCH] Fix expand_expr/ADDR_EXPR ICE on IA-64 (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix g++.eh/badalloc.C failure

[PATCH] Fix handle_impent

[PATCH] Fix i386 tablejump problem

[PATCH] Fix ia64_adjust_cost ICE

[PATCH] Fix ICE when threading jump to exit block

[PATCH] Fix infinite loop in calculate_global_regs_live

[PATCH] Fix initialization by compound literal (was Re: [PATCH] Allow compound literals in static storage duration object initializers)

[patch] Fix minor things in h8300.md

[PATCH] Fix PPC libgcc_s build flags

[PATCH] Fix PR c/5163

[PATCH] Fix PR c/5163 (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimize/3508

Re: [PATCH] Fix store motion

[PATCH] fixes for MPW host support

[patch] fixincl.c vs solaris 2.6

[PATCH] GCC side of .eh_frame_hdr support

[PATCH] GCC side of .eh_frame_hdr support (take 2)

[PATCH] GCC side of .eh_frame_hdr support (take 3)

[patch] gcc/5147 Failure of test gcc.dg/special/wkali-1.c

[patch] h8300.h: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix formatting.

[patch] h8300.md: Remove incorrect patterns

[patch] i386/cygwin.h I386_PE_STRIP_ENCODING

[patch] Implement divmod on h8300 port.

[PATCH] include dbxelf.h via tm_file rather than thru elfos.h.

[PATCH] make DWARF2_DEBUG the default for ELF platforms.

[PATCH] make last two args to __builtin_prefetch optional

[PATCH] Optimize memcmp builtin for length zero or one

[patch] passes.texi: Fix a typo.

Re: [PATCH] PowerPC imul2 (was Patch: rs6000 specific)

Re: [PATCH] PowerPC multiply-add (was patch: rs6000 specific)

[PATCH] PR 2719, demangler crash

[PATCH] Provide macro to override limiting field alignment

Re: [PATCH] Re: Checking out PR4483 (constant overflow on PPC, problems compiling Linux kernel)

[PATCH] Re: scheduling vs lexical scopes

[patch] rearrange main() stack/eh stuff

[PATCH] reg_nonzero_bits valid use (take 2)

[patch] Remove a restriction on 8-bit/tiny area on h8300 port.

[PATCH] remove arm/unknown-elf.h

[patch] Resubmission in an attempt to get someones attention

[PATCH] Rewrite assemble_real to remove ASM_OUTPUT macros

[PATCH] shared libgcc spec: AIX EH fix

[PATCH] Support "nothrow" function attribute

[PATCH] Switch ELF to DWARF-2

[PATCH] Switch Linux to DWARF-2

[patch] Testsuite fixes

[PATCH] use proper tmake file for FreeBSD/PowerPC

[PATCH] Use PT_GNU_EH_FRAME registry on alpha*-linux* too

[PATCH] Work around Solaris ld.so bug

[PATCH]: __attribute__((deprecated))

[PATCH]: __attribute__((deprecated)) (revision1)

[PATCH]: __attribute__((deprecated)) (revision2)

[PATCH]: Add more altivec builtins

[PATCH]: ARM ISR stack frame fix

[PATCH]: Change compute_available to use iterative dataflow framework

[PATCH]: Don't apply default conversions to C switch expressions

[PATCH]: Fix enumeration warnings in switch statements

[PATCH]: Fix libgcc2 build on VMS

[PATCH]: Fix PR 3120

[PATCH]: Last of altivec builtins

[PATCH]: Misc scheduler changes

[patch]: NetBSD sparc & sparc64 compiler descriptions.

[PATCH]: Tidy up the code in expand_builtin

[PATCH]: Update patches for memset and memcmp builtins

[PATCH]crt1.asm- _stack symbol causes problem for SH-ELF-Pl. refer accepted patch at newlib by Jeff J.

Fw: [PATCH]crt1.asm-remove stack symbol definition for SH

[PATCH]Remove stack symbol definition from crt files for SH

Re: [patches] Kill -a/-ax profiler

Re: [patches] Re: Fix compilation to native x86-64 compiler

Re: [patches] Re: Recognize cpu varaints take III

Re: [patches] Re: recognize x86 CPU variants and default SSE/MMX/3dNOW support

Re: [patches] Re: recognize x86 CPU variants and defaultSSE/MMX/3dNOW support

[PATH] PR 5126, fix for m68k PIC optimization bug

[REMINDER] Re: c++/3394 Attribute in derived class crashes compiler. Regression

Re: [REMINDER] Re: c++/3394 Attribute in derived class crashescompiler. Regression

Re: [repost] switch() statements on ARM/Thumb

[RFA libstdc++] More stl_alloc.h changes, general cleanup.

[RFA] Patch for: Re: Why don't we provide a default INSTALL_SCRIPT in gcc/Makefile.in?

Re: [RFA] Secure scan for multiple back edges in loop_iterations

[RFA]: Fix serious ultrasparc return bug (corrupted return value)

[RFC PATCH] reg_nonzero_bits valid use

[RFC] PowerPC prefetch

[testcase] Alpha reload ICE

Re: [testcase] asm clobbering %ebp with -fomit-frame-pointer

[testcase] Removed lexical scopes ICE (was Re: scheduling vs lexical scopes)

[v3] _M_extract_int refinement

[v3] add ctype<char> named locale support

[v3] add string instantiation

[v3] Basic_string::assign simplification

[v3] basic_string::assign speed-up

[v3] basic_string::insert improvements

[v3] clean tweaks

[v3] ctype<wchar_t>, ctype_byname

[v3] DR 282 and libstdc++/4402

[v3] enable gnu locales on linux

[v3] extended checking for gnu locales

[v3] Fix stl_rope.h for implicit typename

[v3] Further fixes for ext/iterator

[v3] libstdc++/3150

[v3] libstdc++/3679

[v3] libstdc++/3720

[v3] limits<long double>::is_bounded

[v3] Minor fixes for algorithm/iterator

[v3] More assign tests

[v3] More implicit typename fixes

[v3] Move HP/SGI stl_algo.h extensions to <ext/algorithm>

[v3] Move rope, slist, hash_map, hash_set to __gnu_cxx

[v3] patch for Missing explicit instantiations in libstdc++

[v3] reverse_iterator typo

[v3] testsuite tweaks for instantiations of non-standard types

[v3] Update backward/algo.h


[web] faq - shared libs

[web] FAQ- dynamic loading & RTTI

[www] update mitsubishi urls

[wwwdocs] Boring typo fixes and updates

[wwwdocs] Update libstdc++-v3 pages for upcoming snapshot

__attribute__ in types

Ada runtime 64 bit fixes

Re: ada/4851: GNAT crashs on certain argument lines

Ada: Patch to sysdep.c for __MINGW32__

Ada: MinGW32 path to ada/init.c

Re: Ada: Patch to sysdep.c for __MINGW32__

Re: Ada: Patch to sysdep.c for __MINGW32__ [take 2]

Ada; Patch to ada/adint.c (mingw32)

Add 64-bit VMS support

Add ADA_LONG_TYPE_SIZE as tm.h parameter

Add conditional include of strings.h to intl/localealias.c

Add documentation to VMS debug info files

Add ERROR_MARK case to output_constant

Add missing OUTPUT_OPTION references

Add myself to Write After Approval

Add new VMS sections

add prefetch support to sparc

Add rules and files for crt0.o on VMS

Add support for VMS debugging format

Add TImode calculation

adjust gcc.dg/cpp/ucs.c

Adjust VERSION in x-vms

AIX label rollover fix


Allow object suffix other than default in gcc.c

alpha explicit relocs tweek

alpha explicit relocs vs divide patterns

alpha prefetch

alpha unop encoding

altivec cleanups


Another patch to prevent invalid subreg generation

Another patch to prevent invalid subreg generation (fwd)

arm.c: Fix calls to alter_subreg().

ARM: structure return fix

Array prefetch patch

Array prefetch patch take 3

Array prefetch patch take 4

Re: auto-sync of top-level 'include' & 'config' directories?

Re: Avoid using of quad on i386

Re: Bootstrap broken

Breakage from http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-cvs/2001-12/msg00223.html

A breakage from http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-cvs/2001-12/msg00528.html

Bring src COPYING and COPYING.LIB in sync with those at FSF and gcc

Bugfix in function.c:keep_stack_depressed

builtins: choose_expr and types_compatible_p

c++ add rid entries for choose_expr and types_compatible_p

C++ patch [cp-parser-branch]

C++ PATCH to add_method

C++ PATCH to bad_specifiers

C++ PATCH to clean up function start/end code

C++ PATCH to create_pseudo_type_info

C++ PATCH to destructor cleanups

C++ PATCH to inlining and templates

C++ PATCH to parameter cloning

C++ PATCH to reduce use of [cd]tor_label

C++ PATCH to resolve_offset_ref

C++ PATCH to setup_vtbl_ptr

Re: C++ PATCH: Tree dumper

Re: C++ pcc struct return fix

C++ tidying PATCH to *_cleanup_fn

C++ tidying PATCH to finish_function

Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to ...'

C++: purge obsolete cp_(warning|error|pedwarn) macros

c-decl patchlet

c-lex.c include tree.h before expr.h

c-typeck.c include rtl.h earlier.

c: __FUNCTION__ etc.

c: Improve -Wshadow warnings

Canandian cross broken

Cast to fractype for long long shifts

cfgloop.c fix typos.

Re: Changes to gcc 3.x to invoke an external cpp

Changes to gcc 3.x to invoke an external cpp (updated patch 2)

Changes to gcc 3.x to invoke an external cpp (updated patch)

Re: Checking out PR4483 (constant overflow on PPC, problems compiling Linux kernel)

Re: Checking out PR4483 (constant overflow on PPC, problems compiling Linux kernel)

Re: Clarify rules for testing patches

Re: cleanup, cvswrite.html/contribute.html

Cleanups for some cfg*.c files

Clear RTX_UNCHANGING_P for MEM when inlining

combine simplify fix for alphaev4


Committed, CRIS: Don't unset flag_strict_aliasing.

Committed, MMIX, CRIS: Cleanup of -a -ax cleanup.

Re: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still present on branch)

Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still present onbranch)

Re: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still presenton branch)

Common bitmap interface

compare_from_rtx problem

Re: Compound Literals patch breaks kernel and glibc! (Was Re:Testcase for a new ICE)

Conditionalize INO handling for VMS

Configure PATCH for subdir stage_prefix

Configure patch for vfork et al on VMS

Contents of file `gcc-2.96.20000615.es.po'

Contents of file `gcc-2.96.20000615.tr.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.0.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.0.ja.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.1-b20011219.el.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.1-b20011219.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.1-b20011219.fr.po.gz'

conversions between vectors

Re: copyprop_hardreg_forward bootstrap failure

Correction for gcc/config/arm/arm.h

Re: cp_error calls not picked up by exgettext

CPP_PREDEFINES: arm-elf configuration fix

cppinit.c don't include output.h

cppinternals.texi update

Re: cprop testing

cpu_limits.h for hpux

Crossjumping fix

Crossjumping fix II

crossjumping improvement

crossjumping tweeks

Re: Darwin FP constant peephole

Darwin is all-AltiVec all the time

Default to software floating point for xscale-elf port


dependence.c: remove unused variable

Do estimate frequnecies even with profile feedback

Do not build crtbegin/crtend for xscale-coff port

Don't misalign variable-sized fields

Re: ebcdic support for binutils...

Re: egcs/gcc ChangeLog Makefile.in configure.in co ...

emit-rtl.c regression fix

enhanced structure offset tracking

exceptions and setjump / longjump

final.c remove defs for structs bb_list and bb_str.

Finish fixing --help and --target-help regression

Fix --help --target-help duplication

fix -pg for alpha explicit relocs

fix alpha explicit relocs alignment error

fix alpha glibc miscompilation

fix alphaev4 bootstrap

Re: Fix compilation to native x86-64 compiler

fix compile/930117-1.c on alpha

Re: Fix constant libcalls

Fix documentation issue in dwarf2out.c

Fix error in x86 "leave" patterns

Fix error inlining REG_EH_REGION notes

fix execute/20011219-1.c

fix execute/comp-goto-2.c

Fix file descriptor leak in cpplib

Fix for compile/20000804-1.c on ppc

Fix for g++.old-deja/g++.robertl/eb130.C

fix for gdb struct.c problem

Fix for oversight in PPC ABI patch

Fix for PR4483, constant overflow on PowerPC

Fix for recent execute/20010123-1.c regression on ppc-eabi

fix for recent execute/950607-2.c regression on ppc-eabi

Fix for recent g++.other/init15.C regression

Re: Fix for regression in gcc.c-torture/execute/20011114-1.c

Fix haifa handling of scope notes

Fix handling of LABEL_REF in ARM PIC.

fix i386 MASK_ overlap problem

fix ia64 epilogue generation

fix ia64 long double test cases

fix ia64 wrt cprop-registers

fix incorrect function_boundary uses in alpha port

Fix INTEGER_CST handling in highest_pow2_factor

fix kennerism

Fix line wraps in libgcc2.c

fix LOOP_CONDITION heuristics

Fix minor bug in emit-rtl.c:widen_memory_access

FIx minor errors in last dwarf2out.c patch

Fix minor problems in expr.c

fix named asm operands with modifiers

Fix ObjC class name lookup

Fix ObjC constant strings with -fgnu-runtime on Darwin

Fix Objective-C crash at -O3

Re: Fix obscure obstack bug

Fix po arguments

Fix PR c/4988

Fix prefetch address generation for XScale

Re: Fix problem causing g77 regressions

Fix problem with stage*-start when LN_S is "cp"

Fix PUT_MODE usages

FIX rs6000 -maix64 -mstring

FIX rs6000 -mpower

Fix rs6000 medium struct passing with -maix64

fix shared rtl problem (again)

Fix Sparc call insn length

fix sparc peephole2 predicates

Re: Fix stop condition in dwarf2 execute_cfa_program

Fix stupid error in my last change to highest_pow2_factor

Fix think in x-interix3

Fix to depressed-stack-pointer calls

Fix to overflow problem in expand_end_case

Fix typo in libstdc++ ChangeLog

fix typos in loop.h

Fix VMS procedure descriptor output

Fix xscale-coff header file inclusion

Fixes to latest loop.c changes for prefetching


Fold cross-make and build-make into configure

Further -ax cleanup...

Further hpux libstdc++-v3 cleanups

FYI patch applied basic-block.h remove cruff.

FYI patch applied except.h remove cruff.

FYI patch applied halfpic.h remove cruff.

FYI patch applied toplev.h remove cruff.

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2001-12-29T23:23:46Z.

Re: gcc told me to report a bug

gcc-2.95 strength reduction fix

gcc.pot regenerated

gcse.c fix typos.

gdb vs. gcc. was: IA32 bootstrap error

gen_lowpart_common and floating-point yet again

General multilib of libgcc issue (was: ``Re: Threads vs hpux10'')

global register allocation problem on c4x

Housecleaning on vms.h

Re: HPUX 11 "size_t" fixinc problems

hpux long long patch

hpux vs long long libstdc++-v3

i18n fix, c-typeck.c

i386 SSE math switch take II

i386/netbsd-elf.h patch for ASM_COMMENT_START

Re: IA32 bootstrap error

Re: ICE outputting unaligned fp constant on powerpc-apple-darwin5.1

IEEE 754 and fused-madd (was: Re: patch: rs6000 specific)

Re: inlining default

Re: Itanium unwind patch

ix86 prefetch support updated (still partly perlimitary?)

Java "preincrement of array element" fix checked in

Java: Clean out "finit_leg_identifier" cruft

Java: Fix mangling of inner-class names, take 2

Java: indirect virtual dispatch for binary compatibility

Re: Joseph S. Myers, documentation co-maintainer

jump threading

Kill -a/-ax profiler

kill rest of -ax dumping code

Kriang's patch, "ported" for 3.0.3: please apply

Language front end headers and additions to libgcc2

Large new files and email

last libcall patch

let gdb turn off demangling

libf2c: use -objectlist instead of convenience libraries

LIBFFI patch

libiberty: purge MPW support

libstdc++ Makefile.in patch

libstdc++-v3 typo

libstdc++-v3 vs hpux vs LONG_LONG

Re: Load hoisting bug

loop exit predictor tweek

loop vs exceptions

lost patch?

Mailing list usage (was: libiberty: purge MPW support)

maintainer-scripts/gcc_release ada patch unreviewed

Re: Make "hooks" (Re: Patch to add lang.generated-manpages...)

Manual patch: use American spelling

match_operator and cleanup_subreg_operands


Minor bugfix in vmsdbgout.c for missing file

Minor cleanups in predict.c

Minor code quality issues in expr.c

minor cprop-forward improvement

Minor enhancements to decl/expr tracking for MEM

Minor fix to config/alpha/vms-cc.c

Minor fix to finding temp register in keep_stack_depressed

Minor fix to locale-inst.cc

Minor fixes to depressed-stack-pointer code

Minor optimization fix in expr.c:convert_move

Minor tweak to function.c:keep_stack_depressed

Minor updates to VMS config files wrt filenames

Minor VMS config file updates

Mior VMS config updates

misc patch function.h

misc x86 patches

MMIX: fix for gcc.c-torture/compile/20011229-1.c committed

More cfg*.c cleanups

More Checker stuff

More message and diagnostic fixes

More rs6000 scheduling information

Move string concatenation out of the C parsers

New French PO file for `gcc'

New Greek PO file for `gcc'

New Japanese PO file for `gcc'


New PO Template file for `gcc'

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

New test gcc.c-torture/compile/20011229-1.c committed: MMIX bug.

New Turkish PO file for `gcc'

objc.dg/const-str-1.m regression

opcode heuristic tweek

Partial patch for c/2454 applied

PATCH (3.0.X branch): Move fix for libstdc++/5037?

PATCH (as applied to mainline): Fix a multiprocessor sparc bug (more rarely, might also affect single-processor, multithreaded code)

Patch for "no_instrument_function" attribute

patch for -msse-math

Patch for .cvsignore for gcc/java

Patch for builtin unlocked stdio [take 3]

Patch for c/5105

Patch for cppfiles.c

Patch for ICE on initialising VLAs

Patch for libstdc++/5136 - warnings about -ffunction-sections

Patch for message spelling in cp

Re: Patch for PowerPC regression gcc.c-torture/compile/20000804-1.c

Patch for PR libstdc++-v3/5148: testsuite does not delete executables

PATCH for Re: A bug in Chapter 18

PATCH for Re: bugs fixed in 3.0.3 -- second draft

PATCH for Re: Incorrect mirror link

patch gcj front end bug (switch without default)

Patch instaled for K&R bootstrap problem

Patch instaled for vms cross compiles

Patch installed for "ambiguous else" warnings

Patch installed for gcc and java dir const-ification

Patch installed for unused variable warning

Patch installed for various const-ifications

Patch installed for various cross-compile warnings

Patch installed for warning nits

Patch installed for warning nits.

Patch installed for warnings

Patch installed to correct typo in sparc/linux.h

Patch installed to declare more array sizes explicitly

Patch installed to zap 'defined but not used' warnings in {cpu}.c

Patch installed: clean up explicit extern decls of `call_used_regs'

Patch not to install ginclude/proto.h on most systems

Re: Patch pending review (GFDL install manual)

Re: PATCH Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to ...'

PATCH Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to...'

Re: PATCH Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunkto ...'

PATCH Re: mangling of '$' / DOLLARS_IN_IDENTIFIERS cleanup

Patch Review Request - SH port severely broken

patch rs6000: fix FUNCTION_ARG_REGNO_P typo

patch rs6000: legitimize address for altivec (obvious)

Patch to add java.generated-manpages

Re: Patch to add java.generated-manpages (2nd try)

Patch to add language hook in staticp

Patch to add missing PPC instruction

Patch to clean messy configure output for ada driver and perl Pod::Man

Patch to config.gcc extra_headers settings

PATCH to config.guess: Recognize Interix 3

Patch to const-ify tree_code_{type,name,length}

Patch to create copy of update_web_docs for use for old releases

Re: Patch to document baseline compiler version for building cross compilers (was: Re: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still present on branch))

Patch to document baseline compiler version for building crosscompilers (was: Re: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but stillpresent on branch))

Re: PATCH to dwarf2/stabs output for virtual bases

PATCH to dwarf2out output_die

Patch to eliminate alpha.c warnings

PATCH to fix duplicate free

Patch to fix flow_depth_first_order_compute

Patch to fix set_unique_reg_note

Patch to fix signed/unsigned warnings in all ASM_OUTPUT_ASCII macros

Patch to fix simplify_subreg ICE

Patch to fix simplify_subreg ICE - try this again

Patch to fix target macro redefinition warnings

Patch to implement flow_preorder_transversal_compute for VRP

Re: Patch to implement get_jump_table_offset for VRP

Patch to implement get_jump_table_offset for VRP (version 2)

Patch to install.texi2html

patch to java/verify.c

Patch to make compound literals follow C99

Patch to make manuals work with makeinfo --html

Patch to make old install manual a chapter of the new

Patch to move arch-specific headers from gcc/ginclude to gcc/config

patch to projects/prefetch.html

Re: Patch to remove "headers" and "lib2funcs" from config-lang.in mechanism

Patch to remove "headers" and "lib2funcs" from config-lang.inmechanism

Patch to remove chunk of diff output from ada/ChangeLog

Patch to remove diff_excludes from config-lang.in

Patch to separate user and internals manuals

Patch to set sizes and smaller types for mode/rtx arrays

PATCH to sorry

PATCH to testsuite/lib/prune.exp

Patch to update c99status.html for compound literals

Patch to update onlinedocs links

Patch to use "built-in" and "bit-field" spellings in messages

Patch to use American spelling in messages

Patch to use makeinfo --html in update_web_docs

Patch to zap 'unused' warning in langhooks.c:lhd_staticp

PATCH, new complex number tests

PATCH, rs6000 (alpha?) long const

Re: PATCH, rs6000 (alpha?) long const --verbose

Patch1 darwin & libgcj

patch2 darwin & libgcj


Patch: #3 rs6000 specific (actually Darwin specific)

patch: an optimization and a triviality

PATCH: Darwin specific 1-liners (1)

PATCH: Darwin specific codegen improvements (1)

PATCH: Darwin-specific 1-liners (2)

PATCH: re-enable static initializer optimization

PATCH: remove Apple-specific comment

Patch: rs6000 specific

patch: rs6000 specific

Re: Patch: rs6000 specific

Re: patch: rs6000 specific

Re: Patch: #3 rs6000 specific (actually Darwin specific)

PATCH: add new transformations in cse

PATCH: Add objc-lang.c, further cleanup

PATCH: Add objc-lang.c, further cleanup - TAKE TWO

Re: PATCH: Allow jump table data in fallthru if CASE_DROPS_THROUGH

patch: altivec frame fixes

patch: altivec insn VSLDOI

patch: apply_arg_size, unsigned warning

Re: PATCH: BSD make portability, part 2

Re: PATCH: Check all insns in fallthru to see if label is mentioned

Patch: check-init -vs- SWITCH_HAS_DEFAULT

Patch: check-init fix for PR 1328

PATCH: Cleanup and minor fix

PATCH: cp/parse.y -> cp/cp-parse.in

PATCH: cp/parse.y -> cp/cp-parse.in -- TAKE 1.5

PATCH: cvs.html

PATCH: Darwin FP constant peephole (again)

PATCH: Darwin mach-o stub/non-lazy-ptr fixes

PATCH: Darwin PPC trampolines

Re: PATCH: Darwin specific 1-liners (1)

PATCH: Darwin specific codegen improvement (3)

Re: PATCH: Darwin specific codegen improvements (1)

PATCH: Darwin specific codegen improvements (2)

patch: find_regno_partial, remove warnings, fix indentation

Patch: Fix -fno-optimize-static-class-initialization impl.

PATCH: fix broken link in java/docs.html

PATCH: fix comments in rtl.def (`recog_data.operand')

Patch: Fix for PR 3417

Patch: Fix for PR 5057

Patch: Fix for PR 5088

Patch: Fix for PR java/4766

PATCH: Fix gcc for parallel build

PATCH: Fix parallel libiberty builds on 3.0 branch

patch: fix regno_uninitialized unsigned warning

Patch: fix tree check failure in gcj

PATCH: fixinc/inclhack.def for UnixWare 2.1.3

Re: PATCH: flow_loops_find

Patch: FYI: Another gcjh bug fix

Patch: FYI: Another gcjh fixlet

Patch: FYI: classpath compare

Patch: FYI: Classpath re-merge

Patch: FYI: Java news item

Patch: FYI: minor parse.y cleanup

Patch: FYI: re-sort arrays in gcj

Patch: FYI: typo in gcj

PATCH: gcc-3.1/caveats.html

PATCH: gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/style.mhtml

Patch: gcj inlining/builtin patch, take 2

Re: Patch: gcj optimizations

Patch: gen-table -vs- Unicode 3.1 (Was: Patch installed for gcc and java dir const-ification)

PATCH: gnatsweb.pl

Patch: increment or decrement of final variables

PATCH: index.html, news.html -- rotate news

PATCH: java/class.c: fixlet for class initializer

PATCH: libiberty configure.in

PATCH: lists.html

PATCH: lists.html -- markup fixes

PATCH: minor rs6000 specific

PATCH: mirrors.html

patch: MODE attribute (was Re: altivec very broken)

PATCH: Monthly link patrol

Patch: optimize goto-to-goto when generating bytecode

PATCH: powerPC imul2 and imul3

patch: powerpc-*-eabialtivec and powerpc-*-linux-gnualtivec triplets

Patch: PR 4509

PATCH: Re: gcj non-optimization curiosity

Patch: Re: java indirect vtable change breaks for dwarf2


patch: rs6000 remove unused prototype

Re: patch: rs6000 specific

PATCH: rs6000: avoid using CTR for tablejumps

patch: rs6000: fix setting LR with invalid base register

PATCH: rs6000: minor scheduler fixes

PATCH: searchbox.ihtml

patch: sim testing altivec

PATCH: snapshots.html

PATCH: style.mhtml -- add <link rev="made"...>

Patch: this$<n> initialization -vs- verification

Patch: tree dumping for gcj

PATCH: tweak mirrors.html, releases.html, snapshots.html

patch: unsigned vectors

Patch: Updated `String +' patch

patch: vector_size attribute

PATH: check definite unassigment to final variables

per insn lexical block tracking

Possible problem wiht nonoverlapping_component_refs_p

post-reload register copy-propagation

PPC SVR4 ABI fix - take two

PR 3725, autoconf 2.50 patch

pr 4299 fix for mainline

PR 4351, sjlj exception handling, HP-UX

PR 4579: 3DNow optimization failure

PR 5041, zero-length arrays initialized by []; cause gcc-3.0 to segfault

pragma redefine_extname, v2

predict.def patch installed

prefetch support for x86

Re: preliminary patch: prefetch support for i386

Previously applied patch- force PR to be live, causes problem in gcc-3.0.2 for SH target

Properly get RTL for INTEGER_CST in decode_addr_const

Properly take address of SAVE_EXPR

Recognize cpu varaints take III

recognize x86 CPU variants and default SSE/MMX/3dNOW support

recognize x86 CPU variants take II

Redundant tree inliner code?

Reformatting and minor code changes for dwarf2out.c

Reg sets cleanup

Re: reload patch review

Reminder: [RFA:] expr.c and test-case, obvious: don't honor flag_force_addr outside function context.

Remove ARM variant of __builtin_prefetch()

Remove back_end_hook

Remove c-torture/execute/memcheck directory

Remove crud from function.h

Remove ctime declaration in libgcc2.c

Remove leading capitals from diagnostics

Remove mem checking code

Remove periods at end of diagnostics

RESEND: Patch to prevent combine abort on ppc-eabi

Revert string concatenation patches

Revised patch to remove integer output macros

RFA: Bring ObjC init/finalization into line with C

RFA: configure.in patch to support building newlib natively on x86 Linux

RFA: Java --indirect-dispatch

RFA: Java: fix bounds-checking performance bug

RFA: new reload macro: MODE_BASE_REG_CLASS

RFC: PATCH to destroy C++ parameters in the caller

rs6000 -fdata-sections

rs6000_unique_section on 3.0 branch

rtx_unchanging_p vs c++ vtable fields

S/390 backend improvements

scheduling vs lexical scopes

Search syntax clarified: search.html htdig/header.html searchbox.ihtml

Re: Search syntax clarified: search.html htdig/header.htmlsearchbox.ihtml

setjmp fix for testcase

shared libgcc for PA32

Shared-library constructor and destructor routines on NetBSD

Should boehm-gc/config.guess be a copy of gcc/config.guess?

simplify some (and (plus x y) c)

small alphaev4 tweak

Small fix for AltiVec alignment

Re: SPARC: convert text peepholes to RTL peepholes

Spelling patch: gcc, gcc/config

Spelling patch: gcc/ada

Spelling patch: gcc/cp

Spelling patch: gcc/f/news.texi

Spelling patch: gcc/java

Still more ObjC cosmetic improvement

Strings and asm

Re: Support for #pragma redefine_external on Solaris

Support for HP-UX cross compiling of libtsdc++-v3

symlink-tree looks orphaned

sync config.sub with src and subversion (handle AtheOS)

Re: target/5169: Bug in pa-risc gcc optimizer

temporary fix for sparc v9 bootstrap failure

Test Objective-C more thoroughly

Re: testcase for enable-checking failure flow_delete_insn

Re: Testcase for fortran/PR3743 "Reference to intrinsic `ISHFT' invalid".

Re: Threads vs hpux10

three minor rtl-checking patches

Tiny memory leak in dwarfout.c

Top level configure changes for VMS

tree.h remove extraneous semicolons.

Trivial mn10200.md fix

trivial patch to fix build of cross-compiler targeting mingw; please commit soon if possible

Re: trunk won't build

tsk tsk

turn on -mexplicit-relocs if possible

two new cpu_limits files

two trivial comment patches in gcc/java

Typo in c-tree.texi.

Unnecessay translation in cppfiles.c

Re: Unreviewed C++ patch for PA (HP assembler)

Unreviewed fixes for 3.1

Unreviewed patch (was Re: Freeze timing and questions)

Unreviewed patch: merging more C and ObjC initialization

Unreviewed patch: RTL documentation patch falling through the cracks

Re: Unreviewed patch: RTL documentation patch falling through thecracks

Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed patches (was Re: Freeze timing and questions)

Unreviewed PPC patch

Unreviewed Sparc patch

Unreviewed subreg_lsb patch

Update documentation for record types

Update VMS varargs handling for Alpha

Use HAVE___INT64

use posix_spawn in pexecute

Using object lists for libf2c overflows command line length on AIX.

V3 PATCH: Make numeric_limits<>::is_modulo == true by default

V3 warning PATCH to locale_facets.tcc

Re: Valarrays and [altivec] vectors (was Re: [PATCH]: Handle vectormodes in genopinit.c, c-typeck.c)

Various expr.c fixes

Various minor VMS configure changes

Vector subregs

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined astrees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined as trees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined as trees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined as trees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined as trees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined as trees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined as trees

Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined as trees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlined astrees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functions inlinedastrees

Re: Volatile MEMs in statement expressions and functionsinlinedastrees

Warnging removal in final.c

Warning removal in alpha.c

Warning removal in cfgbuild.c

Warning removal in vmsdbgout.c

Weekly reminder: [RFA:] expr.c and test-case, obvious: don't honor flag_force_addr outside function context.

x86 configure machinery take II

x86 configure machinery update

Xtensa port -- OK for 3.0 branch?

Re: Xtensa port, part 1: toplev config.sub

Re: Xtensa port, part 2: config.gcc and new config/xtensa files

Re: Xtensa port, part2: config.gcc and new config/xtensa files

Your change breaks MIPS.

Your change to adjust_address_1

Re: Your predict.c patch

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