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Re: Reformatting and minor code changes for dwarf2out.c

    Please do not un-factor code like this.  I find the later much
    harder to read.  In addition, with ENABLE_RTL_CHECKING, this
    runs slower.

My reasoning is that it's a tradeoff between code being simpler and being
smaller.  Both simpler and smaller make the code easier to read.  Here they
are in conflict and I made the judgement that smaller was preferred here,
though, as you've pointed out, one could easily make the opposite judgement.

    You are undoing Kaveh's work to eliminate -Wcast-qual warnings.

I don't follow.

    - static void
    - add_incomplete_type (type)
    -      tree type;
    - {
    -   VARRAY_PUSH_TREE (incomplete_types, type);
    - }

    Why?  Yes, it was used one place, so what?  Mark it inline if you must.

It was used in one place *and* was one line long.  It wasn't an efficiency
issue, but one where I felt the additional level of abstraction made the
code harder to read not easier.

    So you've proven then that we won't get error_mark_node here
    and crash with ENABLE_TREE_CHECKING on the DECL_IGNORED_P?

I missed that.  Will fix.

    And, as with any change to one of the debug emitters, you ran
    the GDB testsuite to verify no regressions as well, right?

No, I didn't believe I was making any functional changes to the emitter, as
I said.

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