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Re: Minor cleanups in predict.c

    I would preffer the casts to keep. The assumption that gcov_type ==
    HOST_WIDEST_INT is bit fragile.

There's a typedef in basic-block.h that makes the two the same.  There really
shouldn't be a cast at all: the printf should have the right type.  If this
changes, we shoudl change the printf.

    I tought there is prefference to write conditionals in a way that they
    eighter all fit on single line or each has separate line unless they
    are somehow logically related.

I viewed those as being logically related.  They were saying that it wasn't one
of two rest of the conditions were different.

    The volatile here is mandatory, as discussed in earlier comment
    (perhaps it should be compiled here too), to avoid bootstrap
    misscomparisons on i386.  

Yes, there should most *definitely* be a comment there!

    When volatile is not present, the cyclic_probablility is computed in
    80bit frequency in the optimizer compiler making results slightly
    different that shows off with tracer present on the cfg branch.

This suggests that perhaps FP isn't appropriate here.  I really don't
think we want to have to get into such things within GCC.  Numerical
error shouldn't affect things this much.

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