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Re: [java] fix some alpha/ia64 compile failures

On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 02:04:04PM +1300, Bryce McKinlay wrote:
> I think the stuff to still generate a _Jv_fooClass reference in 
> build_class_ref is just cruft - can you tell where it is being called 
> from in this case?

I can take the patch out and look at the failures later;
I'm looking at something else at the moment.

> I couldn't find the PR you mentioned.

No, sorry, that's the name of the test case:


You should be able to see this from an alpha-linux cross-compiler:

	./jc1 -O -mexplicit-relocs

	// incorrect
        ldah $1,_ZN4java4lang7Boolean4TRUEE($29)        !gprelhigh
        ldq $16,_ZN4java4lang7Boolean4TRUEE($1)         !gprellow

	// correct
	ldq $1,_ZN4java4lang7Boolean4TRUEE($29)		!literal
	ldq $16,0($1)

Compare the DECLs involved with the C test case:

	int local;
	extern int external;
	int f_local() { return local; }
	int f_external() { return external; }

	./cc1 -O -fno-common -mexplicit-relocs z.c

        ldah $1,local($29)              !gprelhigh
        ldl $0,local($1)                !gprellow

        ldq $1,external($29)            !literal
        ldl $0,0($1)


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