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Re: PATCH: Darwin FP constant peephole (again)

Aldy Hernandez wrote:
> > > do these have to be conditionally compiled?  We're trying to cut down
> > > on conditionally compiled code when possible.
> >
> > The other one has to be because of machopic_function_base_name(), at
> > least that's the easiest way to deal with it and consistent with all
> > the other places where it's referenced.  This one doesn't have to, but
> > they go together, so it seems cleaner to me to have this one conditional
> > also.
> iirc, config/darwin.c is outside of config/rs6000/ because it may be
> used for non ppc targets.  from the comments in
> machopic_function_base_name(), it seems like this is only a ppc thing.
> so maybe it makes sense to move it out of darwin.c and into rs6000.c,
> thus allowing the above code to be unconditionalized.

No, machopic_function_base_name is used for the x86 port also.
In fact, we already have inhouse patches to make a x86 Darwin port
with current sources, and expect to be contributing those in
the not-too-distant future, perhaps even in time for 3.1.


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