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Re: [PATCH] Add target hook in C front end

> Doing something maintainable, that works as present with a __SIZE_TYPE__
> macro, is essentially straightforward, given the removal of the separate
> cpp0 executable.  Just add some calls to cpp_define, and remove all the
> attempts to define __SIZE_TYPE__ in all the specs.  Note that GCC's
> <stddef.h> explicitly defines __SIZE_TYPE__ to a default if it isn't
> already defined; there is quite likely to be third party GCC-specific code
> that does this as well, expecting it to be a macro.

Since we still have a cpp0 for now this solution won't work. Now, if I
_could_ assume that cpp0 doesn't exist then this would be fine. I didn't
think I could do that though.

> (For some reason, there are __builtin_size_t (which is the internal
> sizetype, not the external c_size_type_node) and __builtin_ptrdiff_t
> typedefs, but I don't know what they're meant to be used for.)

I saw these and wasn't quite sure either. Threw me for a loop earlier.

> The problem is to determine the signed type corresponding to size_t, and
> the unsigned type corresponding to ptrdiff_t, which are required for
> certain C99 formats.  I haven't got anything better than the current
> kludges in gcc.dg/format/format.h.

Yes, I just saw those. Explains why those tests are failing for sure :)


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