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Patch to create copy of update_web_docs for use for old releases

I'll be making update_web_docs use makeinfo --html.  Rather than also
making this work with the old release branches and changing the method
used to generate onlinedocs for those releases part way through those
release cycles, I've created a copy of update_web_docs as
update_web_docs_old, with this patch, to use with those versions.
This will also allow update_web_docs to be simplified because it will
no longer need to allow for old names of some manuals or different
directories in which include files may be found.

2001-12-17  Joseph S. Myers  <>

	* update_web_docs_old: Copy from update_web_docs.  Add comment
	that this is for GCC 3.0.x and earlier versions.

--- update_web_docs	Tue Nov  6 16:46:41 2001
+++ update_web_docs_old	Mon Dec 10 15:45:43 2001
@@ -1,5 +1,8 @@
 #!/bin/sh -x
+# Generate HTML documentation from GCC Texinfo docs.
+# This version is for GCC 3.0.x and earlier versions.
 # Run this from /tmp.
 export CVSROOT

Joseph S. Myers

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