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Re: Revised patch to remove integer output macros

On 16 Dec 2001, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> OK, I'll use BYTE.

Uhm, as I wrote, I'm not totally sure it fits all uses. I'll
check.  (You do know that you can build the whole mmix
GCC+binutils+newlib suite with simtest-howto.html instructions,
right?  But you may not notice all failures until you try and
run stuff, including exceptions.)

I'll do some testing with your patch.

> > With your patch, are numbers always emitted as decimal, or are
> > there cases (for C code) where numbers are emitted as 0xNNNN?
> > I ask because the "0xNNNN" syntax isn't allowed in mmixal
> > syntax; it has to be decimal, or "#NNNN" for hex.
> In that case I'll keep the ASM_OUTPUT_CHAR code for bytes.

Ok, in mmix_assemble_integer I assume.

> The debugging output will also use this code, giving you the
> "BYTE #<hex>" syntax there too.

Debug output doesn't have to be mmixal-compatible; it uses
non-.text sections anyway.

> I notice the dwarf code still uses .2byte, .4byte and .8byte.  The
> new hook should allow you to use things like "WYDE #<hex>" instead,
> if that's appropriate.

No, WYDE et al are aligning, and debug and EH stuff can't be
compatible anyway.

And thanks for cleaning up the asm output stuff!

brgds, H-P

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